Company Overview

Insurance Resources and Auditing Services (IR&AS), located in East Norriton, PA, is a professional auditing and insurance services company created by industry experts for insurers, reinsurers, managed care organizations, third party administrators and self-insured employers. IR&AS is comprised of a team of dedicated insurance industry and medical professionals, who have extensive knowledge in all facets of insurance operations and possess a high degree of general business knowledge.

IR&AS offers a complete “back-office” administration package, which recognizes all of the administrative issues associated with insurance operations. It is our intention to be a seamless extension of your company, providing your clients with insurance expertise and effective account handling. From Underwriting to Claims Administration, Policy Issue to Customer Service, we have structured our resources to attain our most important goal: Customer Satisfaction. Our administrative services package includes:

  • Underwriting
  • Underwriting Reports
  • Coordination of Agent Licensing and Appointment
  • Application and Policy Issuance
  • Premium Collection and Delinquency Control
  • Financial Reporting
  • Claims Administration
  • Clinical Consulting Services
  • Customer Service

IR&AS specializes in the following types of Audits: Operational; Premium Accounting; Aggregate Claim; Specific Claims; Claims Processing; Underwriting; and Medical Management Audits. We design our audits to meet your individual needs and budget. In addition, we have the flexibility to perform our audits at your specified site, or from our offices, depending on the size and scope of the audit. Audit results will be prompt, professional and presented in a final report outlining the results of each audit, along with recommended remedies for any problems identified.

IR&AS has the ability to provide the following additional resources: Excess Claims Management, Portfolio Run-off Management and Medical Management Oversight Services, including access to National Transplant Networks.

Mission Statement

It is our mission to be the recognized leader in the insurance/reinsurance resources and auditing services industry.   To provide creative, innovative and competitive products to our clients.  To challenge ourselves to meet the highest standards of integrity, quality, professionalism, and performance.  IR&AS provides an environment for our employees which fosters and rewards creativity, growth, and achievement.