Review Services

Audits provide an opportunity for both individuals and organizations to ensure compliance, identify risks and unexpected liability, and promote communication. IR&AS is dedicated to delivering the valuable information, which helps individuals and organizations detect and intercept difficulties, recommending solutions to problems, when warranted.

MGU/TPA and Insurance Reviews

MGU, TPA, and Insurance Company Audits can be performed to assess an MGU/TPA’s ability to successfully fulfill the requirements of the MGU/TPA’s agreement, or to ensure that an insurance company’s policies and procedures are in accordance with their reinsurance agreement. On-site audits of MGU, TPA and Insurance Companies, on behalf of issuing carriers and reinsurers, are performed to ensure compliance [read more]

Due Diligence Reviews

Due Diligence Reviews of TPAs and MGUs are completed on behalf of MGUs, Insurance Carriers and Reinsurers. The reviews are conducted when contemplating new relationships with a TPA or an MGU. [read more]