Software for Purchase

The Contracts Management System (CMS) is a multi-line, real-time, integrated insurance/reinsurance management system designed to maintain policy and contract terms and to monitor and control the reporting and accounting activities associated with those agreements. The system was developed in-house over a period of several years utilizing the expertise of Insurance, Reinsurance, and Finance professionals along with seasoned Information Systems Programmers and Developers.

The principal functional components of CMS are:

  • Contracts module that stores abbreviated version of the contract terms and conditions, with renewal, copy, and modification capabilities
  • Customer database with specific definition features
  • Billing and invoicing capabilities for premiums, losses, and adjusting entry transactions, including an automatic billing facility for the systematic creation of premium receivables on installment-based contracts
  • Checks Received Log with batching capabilities
  • Built-in security controls to ensure separation of duties and approval levels appropriate to the users training and experience
  • Multi-currency functionality
  • Automatic Reinsurance cessions

The flexibility of CMS makes it an ideal system for excess insurers, reinsurers, third-party administrators, brokers, and managing general underwriters.

This system uses client server Technology which is easily ported into any existing Information Systems environment.